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Kust MM2010 Precision Milliohm Meter

MM2010: Low DC resistance tester (10μΩ - 200kΩ)

  • Accurate and very stable resistance meter
  • 4.3-inch TFT display with a resolution of 480 × 272 RGB
  • 0.05% Basic accuracy of R
  • Built-in comparator, sorting HI, LO, IN
  • Internal / external Trigger function
  • Internal storage for up to 100 setting files
  • Front USB port for settings, results and screen shots
  • optional RS232 or GPIB Interface
  • Four Terminal connection
  • Full compensation / load correction
  • Detaillierte Informationen

(zzgl. MwSt) € 631,76
Preis € 758,11
Verfügbarkeit des Produkts 5 Wochen
Produktnummer KU_MM2010

Garantie 12 Monate

Detailbeschreibung Kust MM2010 Precision Milliohm Meter

The MM milliohm testers series is ideal for direct integration into production lines and automatic lines or for use manually, the MM Series can be used to test resistance on motors, solenoids, transformers, wire harnesses, contact, relay contacts, switches, fuses, resistors, heaters and much more.


It can measure resistance levels up to 10MΩ with extremely good basic accuracy of 0.05%. Clear PASS/FAIL indication allow using our meter even in very loud enviroment. MM series offer great functionality at afordable cost.


Kust Milliohm meters offer great storage capabilities, great stability and accuracy of resistance measurement


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