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Keysight N2792A Differential probe - 200 MHz

  • Wide dynamic range for various applications : ±20V differential, ±60V common mode
  • High input resistance and low input capacitance for low probe loading: 1 MΩ//3.5 pF between inputs
  • Compatible with any 50 Ω BNC input, powered by a 9V battery or USB cable (included)
  • Ideal for high speed power measurements, digital differential buses and vehicle serial buses (CAN, LIN, Flexray)
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(exkl. MwSt.) € 2 288,23
Preis inkl. MwSt. € 2 745,88
Verfügbarkeit des Produkts 8 Wochen
Produktnummer N2792A

Garantie 36 Monate

Detailbeschreibung Keysight N2792A Differential probe - 200 MHz

The N2792A differential probe provides superior high-speed differential signal measurements required for today’s high-speed power measurements, vehicle bus measurements and high-speed digital system designs.


The N2792A differential probes offer 10:1 attenuation setting, allowing them to be used for a broad range of applications. The probe comes with a pair of alligator clips and hook tip clips for use with large and small components in tight places.


The differential probes has an input resistance of 1 M? and low input capacitance of 3.5 pF to minimize circuit loading. The N2792A probe is compatible with any oscilloscope with 50 ? BNC input. The probe can be powered by any USB port on scope or computer, or by internal batteries (1x 9V battery included with each probe).

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