Einführung Digitalmultimeter Multimeter Keysight 3458A Digital multimeter, 8.5 digit

Keysight 3458A Digital multimeter, 8.5 digit

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Keysight 3458A Digital multimeter, 8.5 digit

  • Measure with confidence with up to 8 ppm 1-year direct current voltage (DCV) accuracy (4ppm with option)
  • Maximize productivity with fast measurement speeds up to 100,000 readings/s
  • Prolonged data logging with up to 148,000 reading memory
  • Self-adjusting and self-verifying auto-calibration capability
  • Code compatible with previous version
  • RoHS compliant
  • Measurement Functions: DCV and ACV, DCI and ACI, 2- and 4-wire Resistance, Frequency, Temperature
  • Connectivity: GPIB
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Detailbeschreibung Keysight 3458A Digital multimeter, 8.5 digit

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. 3458A multimeter shatters longstanding performance barriers of speed and accuracy on the production test floor, in R&D, and in the calibration lab. The 3458A is simply the fastest, most flexible, and most accurate multimeter ever offered by Keysight. In your system or on the bench, the 3458A saves you time and money with unprecedented test system throughput and accuracy, seven function measurement flexibility, and low cost of ownership.

Select a reading rate of 100,000 readings/second for maximal test throughput. Or achieve highest levels of precision with up to 8.5 digits of measurement resolution and 0.1 part per million transfer accuracy. Add to this, programming compatibility through the Keysight multimeter language (ML) and the 3458A’s simplicity of operation and you have the ideal multimeter for your most demanding applications.

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