Einführung Spektrumanalysatoren GW Instek Spektrumanalysatoren GW Instek GSP-818 1,8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

GW Instek GSP-818 1,8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

  • Frequency Range: 9kHz - 1.8GHz
  • RBW: 10Hz - 3MHz, 10Hz - 500kHz in 1-10 steps
  • Sensitivity: -148dBm/Hz Typical @PreAmp On
  • Built-in AM/FM Demodulation
  • Bandwidth Zoom function
  • Measurement Function: ACPR/OCBW/CHPW, NdB Bandwidth, Freq. Counter, Noise Marker, Limit Line
  • Built-in 20dB Preamplifier Standard
  • Interface: Lan, USB
  • Screen: 10.4" SVGA Output (800*600)
  • Options: Tracking Generator (GSP-818TG), EMI Filter & Detector (via software keycode)
  • Detaillierte Informationen

(zzgl. MwSt) € 1 062,15
Preis € 1 274,58
Verfügbarkeit des Produkts 4 Wochen
Produktnummer GW_GSP-818

Garantie 24 Monate

Detailbeschreibung GW Instek GSP-818 1,8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

GSP-818 is a new basic spectrum analyzer, which supports a frequency range of 1.8 GHz and provides testing requirements for RF products during the development/production phases. GSP-818 has a built-in 20dB amplifier and provides an adjustable range of resolution bandwidth (RBW) from 10Hz to 3MHz. In addition, it has the AM/FM signal demodulation function and the ACPR/OCBW/CHPW test function to meet the requirements of general RF signal measurement.

To achieve clearer signal observation, GSP-818 utilizes a 10.4” large screen with SVGA (800 x 600) resolution. Pertaining to the communications interface, GSP-818 provides both USB and LAN interfaces. Via the USB Host, users can quickly retrieve the files saved after measurements. The USB Device and LAN interface allow users to control through the dedicated PC software or to use the required program designed by the corresponding commands.

GSP-818 also offers two options: Tracking Generator and EMI Filter & Detector. It is different from the previous models. If customers require options, there is no need to send the equipment back. Customers only need to purchase the corresponding software license (Software Keycode) to activate the purchased option, which greatly improves the operational efficiency

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