Einführung Funktionsgeneratoren Aim-TTI Signalgeneratoren (HF) AIM-TTI_TGR1040 1GHz RF Signal Generator, RS232

AIM-TTI_TGR1040 1GHz RF Signal Generator, RS232

  • 10 MHz to 1000 MHz frequency range
  • 1 kHz setability, +/-2 ppm frequency stability
  • -127 dBm to +7 dBm amplitude, 0.1 dB steps
  • FM modulation, internal or external
  • 80 character back-lit LCD display
  • Keyboard and rotary encoder control
  • Full remote control though RS232 or optional GPIB
  • Detaillierte Informationen

(exkl. MwSt.) € 1 746,00
Preis inkl. MwSt. € 2 095,20
Verfügbarkeit des Produkts 4 Wochen
Produktnummer AIM-TTI_TGR1040

Garantie 36 Monate

Detailbeschreibung AIM-TTI_TGR1040 1GHz RF Signal Generator, RS232

The TGR series are low cost, synthesised RF signal generators that incorporate the essential features required for most development, test and service work; namely high frequency accuracy and stability, wide dynamic range, low phase noise and leakage, and flexible modulation capabilities.

The TGR2050 covers from 150kHz up to 2GHz and incorporates AM, FM and Phase modulation (internal and external). The wide frequency range and comprehensive modulation capabilities make it suitable for most tasks within the 2GHz spectrum.

The TGR1040 has a more restricted frequency range of 10MHz to 1GHz and incorporates FM modulation only (internal and external). It retains the high stability and wide amplitude range of the 2050 making it suitable for many task including FM radio receiver sensitivity measurements, system gain measurements, receiver tuning & alignment, oscillator substitutions, EMC/antenna/field strength measurements and as a signal source for many other RF circuit and system development tasks.

Both instruments can be operated using either numeric or rotary controls, and can be remotely controlled via either an RS-232 interface or GPIB interface. Nine memories are provided for user set-ups.

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